A majority of Ministers don't believe the Bible

This is one of the better written articles I’ve read recently…not just for the tagline, but keep reading…


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2 Responses to A majority of Ministers don't believe the Bible

  1. Jeremy says:

    I think his questions are excellent, but his reasons for faith are absurd. “…when all is said and done, you know the Bible is true because you just know deep down that it is true.” Wow. Write that down. I just know deep down that I have four heads. Or maybe I just know deep down that America is evil and I have to blow up something. Ridiculous. He doesn’t take into account that our consciences can be shaped by experience, culture and even personality traits. He implies some sort of purity at birth, some sort of innate knowledge of the sacred that isn?t consistent with the depravity of human nature that can be empirically proven on a playground. His brand of self righteous pseudo-theology is what drove me away from the church at one time ? I was supposed to just know it was true, and yet I doubted. What did that make me? Thank God there is more to faith than ?just knowing.?

  2. Josh says:

    There is a balance between our total depravity and “the Law written in their hearts” (Romans 2:14-15). Yes, at birth, we are slaves to sin and unrighteousness, but at the same time, even those who do not have the Law or Christ have as part of their being an understanding of right and wrong…we just choose wrong most of the time!
    I agree, his argument relies on emotions and little on reasoning. Unfortunately, this is a great reinforcing article for evangelicals, but does little to persuade anyone else (which sadly implies the state of much of evangelicalism).

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