Bush's time in office

I sure hope he’s doing stuff with all that time at his leisure locations.


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  1. sorry to be a shameless link, but my site just got up today.     but more importantly my hotmail deal is down. I need to find a Simpsons episode and i didnt see it on your season listing. Its the one with Hamlet and the odyssee i think….(yea, cant spell). Posting here would be better if you find out, seeing as my email is down and i cant email this to you…
    and i heard you askd Richard who i was….funny funny. :-). I built the new gradebook with andrew. yea, taking up too much space…..

  2. El Gray says:

    Tales from the Public Domain – DABF08

    http://www.snpp.com is your friendly neighborhood Simpsons resource.

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