Video Games Banned in Greece


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4 Responses to Video Games Banned in Greece

  1. Drew (Speede) says:

    ouch. thats just harsh….    if they ever come mess with my Yahoo&copy pool, they be asking for trouble….besides, we all know that people gamble on solitare. o yea, its the biggest thing since illegal drugs…..           

  2. Drew (Speede) says:

    (btw – i can use the “tags” that use &, like &copy or Å…..heh

  3. Jeremy says:

    I wonder if they’ll ever ban this website (click on my name to go to the funniest website ever).

  4. El Gray says:

    The damned Greeks had better stay away from my Advance Wars…because thanks to that very game, I’m a military strategizin’ mofo!

    BACK OFF, GREECE. I’ll sic some Medium Tanks on your hindquarters (or your headquarters…whichever is most effective).

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