Geek IQ Test

Take it and tell me what you got. I think you’re 15% geek just for finishing. Evidently, I’m 52%.

Thanks Sarah

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11 Responses to Geek IQ Test

  1. Sarah says:

    38% — I can only strive to attain your level of geekiness.

  2. C Bitsas says:

    31% — and that’s ok

  3. J Bitsas says:

    uh………..I got 31% too. I am gonna go chop some wood while chewing tobacco. Man

  4. Connie says:

    37% – hmmm – i’m a better guesser than I thought

  5. Ben says:

    since i was called out….55%….
    amanda took it as well and got 27%

  6. Chris says:

    Yeah, i got 34%, you really are an uber geek.

  7. Scott says:

    33% – Call me an unter geek (German, think opposite of uber). I’m comfortable with that. But I did surprisingly well on the Geek Culture section. Strange. I’d like to see a word roots and verbal iq test – wait, that was the SAT verbal section.

  8. Mike Bowers says:

    (this is sarah)
    Mike Bowers is the reigning AlphaGeek with a high score (so far) of 62% (10/10 on the programming section).
    I’m comforted to know that it’s his complete lack of a social life that makes him so “special”.

    “Yup, you gotta spend time on the internet to get above 60%” — Mike Bowers on his unprecedented high score.

  9. Josh says:

    43%…I wanna know how well Ben can do…

  10. Josh says:

    Ben, I knew you would dominate (no offense Derek…).

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