Is anyone out there?

Alright everyone, here’s your chance to get on to me for not updating the site…if you still check it. Leave me some comments, if you still love me. If I’ve lost my audience I don’t know whatever I’ll do.

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17 Responses to Is anyone out there?

  1. C Bitsas says:

    I still love you Derek, (conditionally)

  2. Barr says:

    I check almost every day! I get bored in school sometimes.

  3. Daniel says:

    work your mojo D

  4. John says:

    Yeah, I check in, don’t know why though…………….a#$

  5. Scott says:

    Get yer rear in gear and update the site!! As far as love, I’m gonna go with conditional like CB. I only have so much love to give.

  6. Stephen says:

    Derek’s love language is encouragement.
    You’re site is super by the way.

  7. Scott says:

    I thought Derek’s love language was CFML

  8. Stephen says:

    yes, i saw the typo. it’s exam week–give me a break. your site is still super.

  9. Joe says:

    I check the site at least once a day…

    And who needs to give Steve a break? Did I miss something?

  10. Sarah says:

    I still check your website, even if you’ve been slack ever since you met that girl…..

  11. C Bitsas says:

    Hey everyone, we have done it!! Most comments on a single post. Wow, I think this calls for a celebration.

  12. C Bitsas says:


    “Hey even the naked guy showed up”
    “yes, we would like, a, beer”
    “you mean if you’re nice to them, they bring you things”

  13. Derek Lidbom says:

    Thanks Chris…All PCU references welcome. I almost feel loved now…thanks guys :-D…even though some of you didn’t comment…Billy, Heather, Matt. Somehow you think I don’t know who’s visiting my site…Oh, I know, I just want to hear from you guys.

  14. kyle says:

    i still read your blog.

  15. Todd says:

    Where am I? How did I get here?

  16. Jeremy says:

    Thank you for providing this excellent procrastination device. Do you still have that Monster Ballads CD set? I’m missing some Siagon Kick and some Warrant.

  17. Josh says:

    If I don’t visit your site >10x’s a day, I must be coming down with something.

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