Baskin Robbins: Free Ice Cream April 30th


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5 Responses to Baskin Robbins: Free Ice Cream April 30th

  1. Scott says:

    Time for the old ben and jerry ice cream puns again. John? Chris?

  2. Bob--almost formerly Sarah's neighbor :-( says:

    thanks for the scoop on the icecream…
    was this one of the diets that Sarah’s post mentions?
    Baskin’ Robins is a cat’s favorite IC.

  3. Josh says:

    They had some new flavors that looked really good. Court got the Oreo X-Mint, which was like thier chocolate fudge + blue(???) mint and oreos. It was good. I got boring sherbert then realized they had new X-Berry sherbert. Okay, I know it’s not spelled “sherbert”, but “sherbit” sounds doofy.

  4. Josh says:

    Doh! “S*H*E*R*B*E*T”. Scuse me.

  5. El Gray says:

    Also note that the 29th is free day at Ben and Jerry’s. They’re not the same like they were last year.

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