Simpsons Trivia today

In “Trash of the Titans”, what is the slogan for the Costington’s store?

a. Come In a Slob and Exit a King
b. The Place for Impulse Buying
c. Over a Century Without a Slogan

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3 Responses to Simpsons Trivia today

  1. Ben says:

    yup… C… tho ive seen B elsewhere as well… hmmm…..

  2. Kyle says:

    i didn’t know the answer, but i guessed ‘c’ because it felt so right.

    i have your sade dvd — i hate to give it back, but i’m no thief. that’s your reason for coming over and visiting after work one day. to get back your dvd.

  3. El Gray says:

    Costington’s Guy says the answer is “C”!

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