10 days!!

More than 2 Months since an update!! I know. I’ve been slack on informing you guys of what’s happening. Well, it’s SO much! I still live in the same place. 5 years now! I have a new job (since February). I’m the Director of IT for Trone. I work in the same building, and still get to see all my friends from Symetri.I’m getting married in 10 (TEN) days!! Sarah and I have been exhausted making plans for the wedding. May 17th, we will be married up in the mountains at a small, family only, ceremony. Then, later this summer, we are going to have a HUGE party for all our friends. More details to come on that! Why, you ask, am I marrying Sarah Schiavone?
Top (unordered) reasons:

  • She loves Jesus
  • She loves me more than anyone I’ve met
  • She accepts me and all my faults
  • She pushes me toward Christ
  • We are stronger and better when we’re together
  • She makes me feel better about myself
  • She challenges me
  • She has discernment
  • She is SMART
  • She is HOT
  • She is STRONG
  • She is a programmer
  • I believe it is God’s will

This has been an unbelievable experience for both of us. Going through Scripture with her is amazing. Neither of us were looking last November, and God reached out and gave us both the second best gift He’s ever given us: each other. Sarah is a tangible manifestation of God’s love for me. And I know (hard as it is to believe) That it is only a taste of His true love. God is so good! Romans 8:32
That’s it for now?

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