I figured it was about time for me to post my high score on collapse


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20 Responses to 2,240,206

  1. Josh says:

    okay, so i only got to level 9 and had 99,936 points…

  2. Josh says:

    okay, what’s up with the new header?!
    If you’re going to put up pictures of someone else in your header, it needs to be you and your wife!

  3. Josh says:

    okay, so they are random headers….that include your wife. acceptable.

  4. Derek Lidbom says:

    In case you didn’t see my rather humble journal entry regarding today’s collapse adventure: 3,262,721

  5. Derek Lidbom says:

    Round 10…maybe twenty minutes

  6. John says:

    What gives?!?! Is there some trick to your mastery??? I gotta see this in person.

  7. Josh says:

    this is going to take a while…

  8. Derek Lidbom says:

    Get rid of lots of one color at a time. 😀

  9. Josh says:

    yeah, that’s how i got that high….

  10. Sarah Lidbom says:

    3,280,977. What?

  11. Ben says:

    538,515… by far my best….

    you guys are freaks.. 🙂

  12. Ben says:

    I’ll get you yet….1,600,861

  13. jeremy says:

    1,676,369 – There is no cure.

  14. Derek Lidbom says:

    I had another good game…

  15. sarah says:

    i thought you weren’t playing anymore??

  16. Derek Lidbom says:

    A few games here, a few games there…Usually 1 a day.

  17. Derek Lidbom says:

    Had to play a game tonight…2,593,728 and I had to stop because the online version only goes to 10 levels.

  18. Ben says:

    How long does it *take* to get 3,262,721????

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