Brian Reagan

Not as funny as some of his other stuff, but still classic Brian Reagan

funny guy

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13 Responses to Brian Reagan

  1. The Bitsas says:

    Chris Bitsas has gone Tagless

  2. Josh says:

    Chris Bitsas has gone two months without journaling anything on his site…

  3. The Bitsas says:

    Seriously guys, new stuff comming soon. And i do remember periods of time when all of us have been a little thin on the posting.

  4. Josh says:

    Well, yeah, but I was just letting you know that your postings are missed.

  5. Scott says:

    I posted today!

  6. Derek Lidbom says:

    Then why didn’t you link to your site from your comment? 😀

  7. Josh says:

    Because he is Mr. Humble Verbal.

  8. Scott says:

    I didn’t say I wanted you guys to look at it, just that I posted. :op

  9. Middlemann says:

    Then again I could always just post comments by my alias

  10. The Bitsas says:

    I posted yesterday.

  11. Josh says:

    Here’s a post (click my name)

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