New Headers

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve added a lot of random headers to the site. Feedback goes here.

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13 Responses to New Headers

  1. Derek Lidbom says:

    By the way, you can click on them and see the picture they came from and learn more about what the heck it is.

  2. Daniel says:

    Good golly, how many are there? Very cool though.

    My top 3 (of the 50 or so I’ve seen):
    1. Artists rendering of Derek and old MC logo
    2. Derek and Sarah reflection with the Nalgene
    3. Rubiks cube

    well done indeed…

  3. Scott says:

    I was wondering when you were going to post an entry about that – very nice.

  4. Scott says:

    And yes, I think you do have a problem when it comes to Collapse. Apparently I need to start playing again so I can beat you :o)

  5. Scott says:

    One more idea while you’re updating the site: For the blog you could set the target for your links to blank so I can keep my place at Mandatory Curfew.

  6. Bitsas says:

    It is like web branding man. “Mandatory Curfew Spring Water”

  7. Scott says:

    Hey – I finally found me in one of them!

  8. Scott says:

    I like the Pad Thai – very Po Mo

  9. Derek Lidbom says:

    Links open in a new window. I thought I already blogged that but whatever…now you know…

  10. Josh says:

    well, if you didn’t why don’t you enlighten us…?

  11. Josh says:

    fecal smell is one thing…burnt fecal is an entirely different beast.

  12. Scott says:

    Sorry – totally unrelated, but did you guys see this??

    September 5, 2003 — A huge silo filled with treated human feces for use as fertilizer exploded early yesterday, sending an unpleasant wave of burnt fecal odor into the Hunts Point section of The Bronx…

    That’s funny and really gross – Click name for more.

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