A new level of annoying

AIM has a new type of ad. Video. That decides to play whenever it wants. No. Unacceptable. I will find a way to eliminate those ads. That is so irritating.

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4 Responses to A new level of annoying

  1. Josh says:

    yeah, it seems like it’s been mostly movies that do that for the past month or so…
    I can’t remember when it is most likely to do that though…

  2. Ben says:

    Thats why I use Trillian…. Much better than AIM or MSN, plus it supports IRC, ICQ, and Yahoo IM as well…..

    No Ads period…. The only downside is you have to update it every so often when one of the IM services changes something…. only once every few months or so.

  3. I have used Trillian for over 1 year. It’s great. This year I decided to fork over 25 dollars for the pro version, and it has a lot of features that the regular lacked. But the regular is definitely sufficient.

  4. Stephen Mann says:

    I haven’t seen any. Maybe it’s cause i say “no” every time to “do you want to upgrade.” i knew there was a reason not to.

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