What screen resolution are you running?

I’m running 1600×1200 on one and 1024×768 on the other. At home I’m 1600×1200

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6 Responses to What screen resolution are you running?

  1. sarah says:

    1600×1200 – why do you care??

  2. Josh says:

    1280×1024 on my 17″ Sony. If it went higher, i’d go there.

  3. Scott says:

    1024×768 at home and work – 15″ LCD and 17″ CRT respectively.

  4. Bitsas says:

    2560×1024 across two 19’s. I want more but the 256m graphics cards are still a little pricey.

  5. Ben says:

    1280×1024 on a 2 19″ monitors and 1024×768 on a 15″ monitor. I would go higher, but others in my household have bad eyesight….. 🙂

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