Why is it illegal to feed someone else's meter?

Actually, lots of places it’s illegal to re-feed your own meter if it means you staying in the spot longer than the marked maximum.

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4 Responses to Why is it illegal to feed someone else's meter?

  1. Josh says:

    Because you’re helping someone else keep from breaking the law?

  2. Derek Lidbom says:

    So it should be illegal for me to drive the speed limit in front of them so they can’t speed? All I’m saying is it’s a method to get more money out of citizens. And an obvious one at that. And that irritates me.

  3. Derek Lidbom says:

    No…just wondered it the other day when I had to put money in a meter at the airport. I don’t have much of a doubt that the lady hovering around the meters would have busted me for feeding someone else’s.

  4. Ben says:

    Why? Did you recently get busted for this??? 🙂

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