A longer update.

Ok…so my last update was lame. I’ll give you a little more to go on. I moved to a new office at Trone last week. It’s nice to be upstairs with more people instead of in the IT dungeon. I have a nice window I can look out of (and watch all the birds fly into the windows on cloudy days). Thanksgiving was fun…we went to my Uncle’s house in Mocksville. Our contributions were an apple pie (already in the picture database) and some cranberry relish. We went to the Farmer’s Market and got a tree. A nice smaller one that fits on the table in the corner. Target and Kohls were our main places to stop for our first married Christmas decorations. Check out the decorations pictures in the database to see the snowflake pillow and other fun stuff we bought. I’ve been baking bread recently. I made some saffron bread yesterday (in keeping with my swedish heritage), and some light rye bread. Our weekend is winding down and we’ve been enjoying our new decorations. Sarah is working on cards right now and I’m going to run out for a couple of Cookout milkshakes.

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