Review of The Art of Deception

Title: The Art of Deception
Author: Kevin Mitnick
Date Completed: 12/27/2003

Rereadability Rating: 4
Lifechangeability Rating: 4
Entertainment Rating: 4.5

I would recommend reading a biography (or at least some short ones online) about Kevin Mitnick before reading this. His story is a very interesting one…good luck finding an unbiased version. This book is all about social engineering – that is, getting information from people that they should know better than to give you. I’m a security fanatic to start with, and it still scared me more than I thought it would. Mitnick presents a pretty robust plan for how to rate and control information in large organizations. Reading this book made me realize that pretty much the only hope a medium to large company has of not being successfully attacked by a social engineer is to re-organize the flow of information from the ground up. Sadly, we all know that that will not happen in many many companies. They will be attacked, and most won’t even know it, much less be able to trace it.

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Note: This book review has been included in my site for historical purposes. I might not hold the same views as I did when it was written. If I don’t, hopefully I’m more right now…

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