Review of The Demon in the Freezer

Title: The Demon in the Freezer
Author: Richard Preston
Date Completed: 12/26/2003

Rereadability Rating: 3
Lifechangeability Rating: 1
Entertainment Rating: 4.5

I read this over Christmas vacation in Batavia. Sarah got it for me for Christmas. The book chronicles the world’s eradication of smallpox (except for two known stores) and then discusses the likelihood of running into more rogue stores of it during biological warfare. I don’t know how Richard Preston gets so many connections that he can tell a true story and make it sound like fiction. He does a ton of research and interviews. If you read this one and like it, I recommend The Hot Zone by him as well. I learned a ton about smallpox while reading this. It was just really enjoyable.

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Note: This book review has been included in my site for historical purposes. I might not hold the same views as I did when it was written. If I don’t, hopefully I’m more right now…

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