The Pok-A-Dot

I think the Pok-A-Dot deserves a full page devoted to it, but I don’t think I’m going to find the time to do that. I’ll leave it to Sarah. It’s a diner in Batavia that was opened back in the 40’s, but it was more of a hotdog stand then. They made it less mobile and closed in the area around it to make it a diner. Sarah’s grandmother started working there sometime in the 60’s, and worked her way up to running it. When Sarah was 17 she started working there as a cook/server. But more about WHAT it is. Pok-A-Dot is known by everyone in the city. It’s dirty, but no one ever gets sick there. You can order anything and they’ll make it for you and itemize whatever you ordered on your bill. For example, if you order an omelet with onions, sweet peppers, ham and cheese in it, it really is THAT much bigger. Every time you go, you see at least three of the same people you saw there last time. What else, let’s see. Everything about it is a story in itself. Here are some more informational tidbits of note:

  • It’s owned by two Italian guys named Trigger and Phil
  • You should always go for a late lunch BEFORE your shower, because after you leave you smell like it until you have thoroughly scrubbed yourself. Everyone in Batavia knows this (and talks about it). Usually, your trek from the car to inside is in shivers because you don’t want to take your jacket in because it’s not easy to wash.
  • The Beef on Wick is the most popular menu item. It’s roast beef (that they roast there) on a Kimmelwick roll (with carroway seeds and coarse salt). When they pull the beef out of the juice, they also throw the top of the roll into the juice for a second and let it absorb a ton of the “au jus”.
  • Another big hit there is french fries (the best…crinkle cut) and GRAVY (the kind of brown gravy you mix from a dry packet). It’s better than it sounds. They fry the fries up fresh for you, and the Pok-A-Dot is the kind of place where you could ask them to under or over cook your fries if you wanted.
  • Since New York passed a law that says you can’t smoke in restaurants, the Pok-A-Dot took the outside seating area (that used to be just an awning over a sitting area) and wrapped it in heavy duty plastic, so the smokers would have an outside place with refuge from the rough winter winds of Batavia.
  • It’s the kind of place where you’re almost expected to reach over the counter and get your own coffee rather than be impatient if you’re waiting on a refill

That’s my tribute for now…if a lot more comes to mind, I might create a page to dedicate to it.

Here are some pictures

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  1. David Blum says:

    I am lucky enough to be engaged to someone who was born in Batavia, so I get to go there a few times a year to visit with family. I agree with everything…except the “dirty” comment…while some of the furnishings and fixtures are certainly not brand new – they are kept clean, at least, that’s how I see it. I’ve been there for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I can’t decide which is better…the value, or the taste! Get a cheeseburger with sweet peppers next time you’re there…on top of the beef on wick and the french fries with gravy, you can’t go wrong.

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