Crazy Guitar action

This is pretty insane. Got it from Stephen Mann’s new web site……check it out too while you’re out.

Thanks Stephen

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  1. Josh says:

    90% of that is crazy cool amazing…but about 10% looks just like he’s slapping the fretboard really really quickly just to make it look hard….

  2. GuitarMann says:

    Good eye. The first little riff is not hard i could teach you within 30 min–including the little fast part. However, the double handed fretting has taken off as a style unto itself thanks to Van Halen and 80s rockers who inspire high school dropouts with new fenders. I give him props. thanks for the reference D.

  3. Josh says:

    The general chord structure doesn’t look complicated at all, it’s just the finger style that makes it cool. It’s like a conbination of a half dozen styles of guitar playing and music. I think Stephen could take the premise of that and make it ten times cooler.

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