New AIM Feature sponsored by Clay Aiken

…invisibility…it’s about time they caught up with ICQ…

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5 Responses to New AIM Feature sponsored by Clay Aiken

  1. Derek Lidbom says:

    I was just making a joke about the invisibility…the new AIM lets you be invisible (online but not on other’s buddy lists)

  2. Derek Lidbom says:

    It exists…in version 5.5.3572.
    Right beside where it says ScreenName’s Buddy List, there is a little eye. Click on that and the eye closes and you’re invisible.

  3. Chris Barr says:

    That will be nice, is there a link for the article on this?
    What they really need to work on is the Mac/Windows compatibility with video/audio chats. Works great on mac, but not in between Mac’s and PC’s.

  4. Chris Barr says:

    I know, but where does it say on AOL’s website that they are going to implement this? I always liked that feature on ICQ, so that would be nice for AIM as well. Is at already available or will it be out later?

  5. Chris Barr says:

    Oh cool, i just never heard about it before. AOL tends to lag behind (a lot) for mac users) so I use iChat. Hopefully Apple and AOL can add that to the mac versions.

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