Review of Born Again

Title: Born Again
Author: Charles W. Colson
Date Completed: 02/24/2004

Rereadability Rating: 2.5
Lifechangeability Rating: 3.5
Entertainment Rating: 4

This book started slowly, but after the first hundred pages or so (replete with details of politics in the 1970’s that I don’t really consider extremely exciting) it really picked up. It’s essentially an autobiography of Charles Colson. How he was Nixon’s Special Counsel, got involved in Watergate, struggled with the public and the press, was reached by Christ, went to prison and found a vision for a prison ministry that is powerful today. I haven’t read a good autobiography in a while, until this one. I really enjoyed it.

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Note: This book review has been included in my site for historical purposes. I might not hold the same views as I did when it was written. If I don’t, hopefully I’m more right now…

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