The Passion of The Christ

I saw this with some others in a sold out theater last night. Here are my thoughts on it:

  • It was very well done. There was a lot of artistic license taken in it, but I think it was highly accurate.
  • It was very gruesome, but not as much as I thought it would be (although I admit I don’t know much they could have done to make it worse). But, it was different, because the violence had a point. I don’t understand how anyone could get upset at this film’s violence but not the violence in Kill Bill (which I didn’t see, but have heard enough about to know about the level of pointless blood and gore in it)
  • It could not possibly capture the spiritual suffering Christ endured when he became sin for us. Keep this in mind the whole movie
  • In agreement with James’ comment on my blog, I would strongly advise reading the accounts in the Bible of the arrest through the resurrection of Christ. I consider myself familiar with them, but I was wishing I had read the accounts right before the movie

Edit: I now disagree fundamentally with many facets of this movie.

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  1. juan Vasquez says:

    like any passion play which date back to the anti semetic middle ages there is inheirently jew baiting at its core. Its treatment of pontious pilate is at odds with what we know from josephus to be true about him that he was completeley unsympathetic to the plight of crucifiction victims. don’t get me started on the man baby. the jesus moveie has been done much better.

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