Apple iBook G4

Apple iBook G4
Overall Rating: 3.5
Experience Date:Mar 15, 2004

OS X Panther, Stylish, SILENT, unbelievable battery life
Runs warm, doesn’t (officially) support more than 640MB RAM

This was my first Mac. An iBook G4 with a 933MHz processor and 640MB RAM. The stylish-ness of it is neat, but not a factor in my decision. Any Mac OS before 9 was awful for multiple reasons, but with OS X (especially Panther, 10.3) Apple has done a great job of bringing people like me over. It was amazing how quickly I could switch over to the Mac without much loss in productivity. OS X is extremely stable, has a BSD unix core, and gives me the best interface available mixed with the power of a unix back-end. The community is so driven and intelligent that they’re doing amazing things with Unix. Anyway, that’s sort of away from the iBook. It’s relatively light and small. One of the most amazing things about it is the battery life. I can run over 4 hours on a charge sitting working with it (editing this site, using wireless ethernet, browsing, etc.). The other thing I can’t get over is how quiet it is, even when I know the hard drive must be crunching away. I bet Apple put some insulation over it just to get it to be quieter. It is nice.

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