Baja Fresh

Baja Fresh
Overall Rating: 5
Experience Date:Jun 01, 2003

Their brown salsa, their green salsa, their red salsa, the Burrito Dos Manos, well-priced
The one in Winston-Salem closed, your breath for 24 hours after you eat the salsa

Baja Fresh used to be one of our favorite places to eat. Then the one in Winston Closed down. That was a very sad day. Their brown salsa separates them from all the other mexican places. I can’t describe it, and we never had any luck guessing what was in it. Sarah and I would go and order a Burrito Dos Manos with waters (no chips) for $8.08 and split it. Dinner for $4 each, not to mention dinner that we loved. If we got it without cheese and sour cream, it was diet-compliant too!

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