Blacktree's Quicksilver

Blacktree’s Quicksilver
Overall Rating: 5
Experience Date:Apr 21, 2004

Cool new way of launching applications, looks nice, reduces my keystrokes (a BIG plus)
Still in Beta

Quicksilver is a hard thing to explain. Someone insulting it would say it is a task launcher. Essentially, it lets me create “sentences” to execute using only the keyboard where a mouse would take much longer. It’s perfect for a user like me. For example, I press command-space on the keyboard (from any application), type in gs (for Google Search) press tab twice and type in my search criteria. Or I can type in the name of a document or application on my hard drive (or on network shares I’ve told Quicksilver to index) and it will automatically open it. It also has a “shelf” which is pretty much a clipboard on steroids. It supports multiple entries and groups of files/objects/text. It has VERY intelligent searching. For example, I have a document on my desktop called Microsoft Return.doc. I can type in msftrtn and it will match it. If there is more than one match, it will list them for me. Quicksilver is amazing.
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  1. Derek Lidbom says:

    By the way, Quicksilver is Still (over a year after this posting) one of the most useful pieces of software I’ve ever used. Other than using up CPU cycles occasionally when I don’t want it to, I have zero complaints and nothing but praise. I upped the rating to a 5 from 4.

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