HP iPaq 4355

HP iPaq 4355
Overall Rating: 4.5
Experience Date:Mar 15, 2004

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SD, Built-in keyboard, fast, excellent screen, long battery life
First Generation, wireless could be quicker on wakeup

I got one of these to help organize my life at Trone. I use it for personal stuff too. I think it’s one of the better PDA’s on the market right now. The keyboard doesn’t make it that much longer than most PDA’s, and makes it MUCH more functional (I got ok at graffitti text entry, but nothing near what I can do with my thumbs on this little keyboard). Extending the length enabled HP to (very wisely) put in a longer battery with much more capacity. The mobile synchronization built into PocketPC 2003 lets me sync up with our Exchange server from any internet connection. There’s not a handheld I would rather have than this one right now. I can also watch movies and play my old NES games on it. 😀
iPaq 4350 page on HP’s site

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