Microsoft ISA Server 2000

Microsoft ISA Server 2000
Overall Rating: 4
Experience Date:Jul 01, 2003

Nice integration with Active Directory, Stateful packet inspection, Easy to use
Plugins aren’t rock solid, Knowledge base isn’t robust enough yet

Microsoft’s first real entry into the firewall market (Proxy Server 2.0 doesn’t count) is ISA Server. They’re going to build a really really solid product over the next couple of offerings. ISA Server 2000 plays nicely with all of Microsoft’s other software, is secure by default and is easy to setup. I’ve run into a few problems that were very quirky and I haven’t solved yet, but as ISA Server gets more and more users, it will turn into a very nice product. Also, from the amount of third party vendors writing plugins who have had problems, it seems that Microsoft has a little ways to go with enabling their partners.

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