Mountainsmith Daytripper I.T.Z

Mountainsmith Daytripper I.T.Z
Overall Rating: 4.5
Experience Date:Dec 20, 2003

Big, compression straps for smaller trips, lots of spaces to organize
No extra protection on the bottom

Sarah got me this for Christmas 2003. It’s a really nice bag. Comfortable shoulder straps, two main compartments, and two different sized pockets on the front. Oh yeah, space for water bottles on both sides. The compression straps on the sides make it easy to use only one of the main compartments without too much slack. I added some padding to one of the compartments and use it as my main bag to take to and from work. Laptop in the back, books and personal stuff in the middle, and camera/chargers/cables in the front. Maybe some altoids gum in the side pockets. I love this bag.
Mountainsmith’s page for this pack

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  1. Derek Lidbom says:

    I packed this bag up more full than the picture for my New York trip last week. My laptop, camera and handheld (with all their associated cables and chargers), two days worth of clothes, a fleece, two books and a snack. It handled it alright, but any backpack without an internal frame is going to be less-than-fun to carry with that much of a load (relatively speaking).

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