NBC Dateline on Jesus's last hours

I just finished watching it and was underimpressed and frustrated at how they handled the history of Jesus. I also don’t understand how you can end a show about Jesus without any reference to the resurrection, even if none of your historians believe it.

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  1. Josh says:

    I watched some and taped the rest. From what I saw (and compared to other Jesus things on Dateline) they seem to get very “scholarly” folks how may tend to be a bit more moderate. I also bet they edited out lots of what the scholars had to say when they were more evangelical. I agree that even if historians don’t believe in the resurrection, no new story about it would be complete without at least mentioning it. Maybe that is next week…

  2. Jon says:

    I’ve never been impressed with NBC’s “scholarship”. Their approaches don’t even fall in line with the views of the Historical Jesus set forthe by the fellows of the Jesus Seminar. At least they could give us Marcus Borg…If you want some “good” material from that standpoint just to see the views of others, read Borg’s “Jesus: A New Vision- Spirit, Culture, and The Life of Discipleship.” That’s the kind of stuff I’d rather interact with on NBC rather than their hodgepodge of blurbs.

    ps- sorry for the ranting

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