Overall Rating: 4
Experience Date:Nov 01, 2003

Listen to 450,000+ songs anytime for $10/month, burn CDs for $0.79/track
No audiobooks, no mac support

Rhapsody is awesome! Of all the online music services, it’s the only one I know of that lets you stream all you want for a set (low) monthly fee. Their music selection almost never disappoints (no Eddie From Ohio, though). It really stinks that they don’t offer the application for Mac OS. It is one of those few products that works as advertised. I installed it, setup my account and started streaming music. It reminded me of the early Napster/Kazaa days. But it’s all legit. I always said when the music industry came up with a legitimate way for me to listen I would. This is a great first step. I love it.

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