Sarah's 2003 Toyota Tacoma

Sarah’s 2003 Toyota Tacoma
Overall Rating: 4
Experience Date:Apr 16, 2003

Hauls stuff, looks tuff, red (Radiant red, not impulse red <– Sarah emphasizes that), "I can drive over stuff"
Makes for a long tough trip to New York

We bought this (actually, Sarah bought it) in April 2003. A few weeks before we started moving her stuff to my house. It was perfect timing, although quite a hassle to deal with (salespeople, getting the right vehicle, etc.). They kept trying to switch out a different truck, or give us the much less desirable “impulse red”. It has served its purpose very well. In January 2004, we got a spray in bedliner to almost complete the package. Now all we need is a bed extender. This truck is awesome. I like Toyota, Sarah is going to drive it until it dies, and it does everything we need and more. Not a ton of creature comforts, but then again, if you’ve got a truck that has it all, you’re probably too careful with it.

Sarah’s Page on the Tacoma

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  1. sarah says:

    i love my tacoma. it gets better with age. i can’t wait until it fades to orange-red.

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