Sony DSC-P10

Sony DSC-P10
Overall Rating: 4.5
Experience Date:Jan 07, 2004

Compact, Quick pictures, VGA video limited only by memory
No full manual controls, video is a little jerky

I upgraded in January 2004 from my Canon S30 to the Sony DSC-P10. I love the camera. It fits nicely in my pocket, takes very nice pictures, and takes good videos. The requirements (above and beyond all my Canon did) for my upgrade were: Higher resolution video, unlimited video capture, 5 Megapixel resolution and smaller than my S30. The P10 fit the bill the best. If I could change two things about it, they would be to make it smaller and to make the videos a good 24fps (the newest Sony does this). Overall, I’m very pleased with this camera.

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