Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2003
Overall Rating: 4
Experience Date:Oct 01, 2003

More stable, MUCH more secure, better thought out
Tougher to step into and make work (although I think it should be this way on a server OS to preserve security)

Microsoft is starting to do things a lot better. They really are taking security a lot more seriously than they did a year ago. Windows Server 2003 is MUCH closer to being locked down by default. You specify the type of server and what services you need, and then it opens those services up. IIS is not installed by default, and version 6.0 is a lot more secure than 5. Process isolation is better and anything but images and static html are disabled by default. So much little stuff that I appreciate has changed. For example, when you are shutting down the server, you get prompted to explain the reason for the shutdown and if it was planned or not. This is something that is almost always needed later, but users usually fail to make a note of it. I’m very happy so far with this server platform.
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