RSA Security SecurID

RSA Security SecurID
Overall Rating: 4.5
Experience Date:Mar 15, 2004

Significantly stronger security than just username/password, affordable, reliable, EXCELLENT support
Legacy administration interface

Two factor authentication (relying on what you have and what you know) is becoming very important. In the era of saved and written down passwords, IT administrators really need a way to make sure the person trying to access a resource is who they say they are. Two-factor authentication shouldn’t sound unfamiliar to you…you use it at ATM’s all the time. Your PIN (something you know) with your card (something you have). SecurID has a 6 digit number (the tokencode) on it that changes every 60 seconds, and this tokencode is synchronized with the server. To authenticate yourself to the server (for VPN, email, etc.), you type in your username, password AND the tokencode. Obviously, this is MUCH more secure than just a username and password, since the tokencode changes. RSA’s support is some of the best in the industry, and they’re very well known and accepted. If you’re looking for two-factor authentication that will offer support for all of the major third-party applications, you should definitely look at SecurID.

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