Samsung A500 Mobile Phone

Samsung A500 Mobile Phone
Overall Rating: 3
Experience Date:Can’t remember

Small, stable, good battery life
Older technology/OS, No bluetooth

This phone suits all my needs in a cell phone EXCEPT Bluetooth. It’s a flip, small, has great battery life…Drops calls less than other people I know with Sprint phones…I think…hard to tell. I would recommend this phone to someone who doesn’t need new technology.

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2 Responses to Samsung A500 Mobile Phone

  1. Derek Lidbom says:

    SprintPCS. They only had one Bluetooth phone (a Sony) and they started carrying it right before they decided to drop it, I think only 2000 or so were available. All this potential with high-tech devices, but the Sprint and Verizon phones are in the dark ages. Sprint was ahead of the game a year and a half ago…now they’re just barely sufficient.

  2. Chris Barr says:

    No bluetooth, let me guess…..Verizon?
    I love their service, but their small variety of phones just ticks me off! I have bluetooth and all I use is a mouse. I have the ability to sync my phone up, use it as a remote, and many other things, but unless I want to pay to break my contact and go with another provider, I am stuck without a bluetooth phone.

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