Overall Rating: 5
Experience Date:Can’t remember

Great source for nerd news, VERY intelligent user base, free, Slashcode (software that runs it) available under open source

I can’t remember the first time I went to slashdot. It was probably at some point in my early tech support days at NetMCR. The site is a highly focused group of geeks that contribute stories that then get posted and commented on. The guys at Slashdot have tweaked the code so that it is very easy to obtain the experience you want. If you want only highly intelligent comments on the stories, set the threshold higher and the comments that have been rated (by randomly chosen moderators) as irrelevant and/or insignificant will be filtered out. The only downside to slashdot is that, when they post a story to a site without the capacity, the site can get slashdotted – meaning so many people are trying to access to it that no one can.

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