Sony V333ES Receiver

Sony V333ES Receiver
Overall Rating: 4
Experience Date:Jul 01, 2002

Sony ES line means high quality
Doesn’t remember sound fields per input, not enough S-Video/optical audio inputs

When I bought this receiver from Now! Audio/Video, I was buying some Klipsch speakers too, so I was able to talk them into a deal on all of them. The ES has a lot of nice features, including: on screen EQ/setup, dimmer and sleep modes, lots of inputs. If you’re looking for other features, you can hit Sony’s web site. My biggest complaints are that it doesn’t have enough inputs that support both S-Video and optical audio and (the biggest) that it doesn’t remember what sound field each input was in. For example, when I switch from DVD to listening to a CD, I usually have to change sound modes from Normal Surround to Live House. That is unacceptable.

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