Trek 6700

Trek 6700
Overall Rating: 5
Experience Date:Mar 01, 2003

VERY good bike for the money, has a good history
None (for the money anyway)

I paid $675 for my 6700 when I got it in early 2003. Sarah has had one for a few years and loves hers. I did a lot of research and narrowed it down to Gary Fisher or Trek. Trek has a shorter body, which gives guys who aren’t really tall (like me) more stability. It’s not a full suspension bike, but I don’t need one. The bike is tough, has good components on it, and is on the low end of the really well built bikes. Perfect for someone like me. It’s pretty light too. I did replace the seat with a more comfortable gel seat.

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  1. Levi says:

    I snagged round one of the 2005 6700 w/ hydraulic discs. It was a bit spendy, but for what you get, you couldn’t build a better value. So far it has been bombproof. Takes to the icebiking in Aspen quite well with some Nokians. Didn’t replace the saddle, don’t plan on it. It’s a dream after what Trek does to your a$$ with their road saddles. The brakes can be tricky to keep adjusted, but I’ve got no life and can afford the time to keep them where they need to be.
    Bike handles great at low or high speeds, and despite what I’ve done to her she hasn’t bucked me off too many times. Well, one good one on Snowmass Mtn, but I deserved it.
    Trek might have finally gotten the hint that their color/decal schemes have sucked for the past few years and did pretty well in ’05. I might not even ship this one off to be repainted!
    All ’round, great ride. Happy with the frame and component group, happy with the looks, and happy with the performance. Highly recommended.

  2. Derek's Bike says:

    Oh yeah, if you like me so much, why am I sitting in the dining room, unused, wasting away? Please ride me. I need mud in my tread! I need grease in my chain!! Help me!

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