Trivial Pursuit 20th Anniversary

Trivial Pursuit 20th Anniversary
Overall Rating: 4
Experience Date:Dec 01, 2003

Good mix of trivia from the past 20 years, good group game
I’m not that good at it, competition gets heated, lasts so long people who lose are pretty disappointed

I like this version WAY more than the other Trivial Pursuits out there (Genus I-V). It’s a great game for people my age group who don’t want to have to deal with that history stuff :-D. Every time I’ve played recently, I’ve felt like I wasn’t that good at it. It’s frustrating. But still fun as long as the other team doesn’t get too many easy questions (which is the only way they can beat my team ;)). If you haven’t played, you should come over and play with us soon.

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