JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort

JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort
Overall Rating: 5
Experience Date:May 16, 2004

Almost a city in itself, the best food I’ve ever had in a hotel, excellent rooms, excellent value for the moeny, free (sort of) wireless internet access
You have to pay to use the gym

I can’t say enough good about this resort. It’s about 20 minutes off of the strip in Vegas, but if you’ve been to the strip once and don’t have to go back, you won’t miss it. I stayed here for three nights during an Advantage Accounting software user group. It was an amazing experience. My room was huge, had a 32 tv in it and a nice balcony I could go out on an overlook the grounds (that were immaculate and fun to walk around in). The bathroom was bigger than some hotel rooms I’ve stayed in, complete with 2 sinks, a Jacuzzi and a shower with your choice of a regular shower head or one of the kind that rains on you from the ceiling. There were several restaurants, including a buffet, irish pub, a nicer sit-down place and a 24 hour starbucks. The resort also houses a large conference center (where I spent most of my time) and a generous (in size, not odds) casino. The food there was absolutely amazing. Every meal. If you’re trying to figure out where to stay around Vegas, this is definitely my highest recommendation.

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