New York Hilton

New York Hilton
Overall Rating: 4.5
Experience Date:May 07, 2004

Location, Very competitive rates for NYC
No wireless internet access, pricey restaurant downstairs (even for New York City)

I stayed at the Hilton when I went to the spring AAAA conference in New York City. It was $179/night. That’s unbelievable for a hotel of this caliber in this location. It’s centrally located. When I walked in, I didn’t have to talk to anyone, just walked up to a kiosk (like the airline express check-in), put my credit card in and was checked in. Someone walked up to me and handed me a mini-bar key. The room was nice, with a cool view and everything I needed. Everyone was very polite, as expected. I was disappointed with the lack of wireless internet access (at least on my floor) and with the pricing of the food in the restaurant downstairs (I think my omelet was $16).

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