The Simpsons


The Simpsons
Overall Rating: 5
Experience Date:Can’t remember

HILARIOUS, superbly written, lots of episodes
irreverent (but with equality)

I watch a lot of The Simpsons. It’s on at least twice a day, usually right after dinner time. I can’t believe how long they’ve made it. The show just makes me smile. Hard to say why I like it so much. It is one of those shows that I probably won’t like when I’m 40. The only downside to The Simpsons is sometimes it annoys me with its portrayal of Christians. I expect this from secular humor though. This is one of those reviews where I have to much to say so I cut it short.

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  1. Scott says:

    Best. Show. Ever.

  2. jordan says:

    the simpsons has always given major religions a good jeer. recently though, i have noticed that the gags seem to be in less good taste and without the good intentions they once had. for example, while they used to present ned flanders as a complex character torn between trying to do right by people and being exploited for his kindness, he has now become merely a flat representation of broad christian stereotypes. this is, however, just one of many instances of the laziness towards writing the show has fallen into in recent years. though i am a die-hard simpsons fan, honestly i havent seen the new episodes in over a year. for me, seasons 3-9 will always be what i consider, ‘the simpsons’.

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