Tips for ME for the driving range

  • legs a little wider than I feel like they should be
  • knees a little more bent than I feel like they should be
  • look at the ball until I hit it
  • push the club back with my left side, don’t pull it with my right
  • swing from the inside out, not from the outside in
  • don’t swing too hard, especially beginning to come down; the only place strength really helps is from 4:30 to 6 o’clock
  • turn my left foot marginally toward my target
  • my grip should feel very secure and nice
  • my right thumb should not point straight down the club
  • I should stretch just a little to reach the ball
  • I should relax
  • my target is not the ball, my target is where I want it to land
  • I should let my hips be loose
  • I should not make myself think of all these things

My hands hurt.

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