US Airways

US Airways
Overall Rating: 3.5
Experience Date:Can’t remember

E-Savers, reasonable rates
Suffers from the same problems as all the other airlines

I only fly Delta and US Airways for the most part. US Airways usually treats me right. So does Delta. I’m just pretty disenchanted with airlines right now. I like the E-savers (dunno if Delta does the same thing) that come out on Wednesday for cheap travel that weekend. Sarah and I can usually find tickets to Buffalo in advance for ~$130 or so, so that’s good. Other than airport security in the past few years, the experience I have traveling is pretty much the same as my experiences as far back as I can remember: you depart and arrive sort of on time, with some definite exceptions, there’s some sort of incident every 3 flights or so, you’re treated pretty well, layovers stink and traveling to anywhere less than 350 miles or so (if you’re going to have a non-direct flight) you might as well drive.

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