Overall Rating: 2
Experience Date:Can’t remember

Cheap, HUGE selection
Exploits workers (worldwide), poor customer service, puts local small businesses out of business, sends a lot of money outside the US

What can I say? WalMart frustrates me. I realize that the company is just “recognizing the American dream”, but I think that if everyone pushed capitalism as far as WalMart does, it might well be the end of capitalism. What frustrates me most is my own draw to WalMart because of their prices. I really can save money shopping there. I actively avoid WalMart, but I know I don’t make much of a difference. If you’re really interested about how WalMart treats the people it takes advantage of, I’m sure you can find all sorts of information using Google. Suffice it to say they are a bad bad company, and I think that all of their “philanthropic” gestures are only a PR campaign. I have seen no good evidence that WalMat cares anything about anything except growing bigger and bigger. I have heard that they will open several stores close to each other only to run other stores out of business so they can close their own stores and consolidate into one store further away from everyone (but centralized). And that infuriates me. Even if it’s not true, the fact that my perception of them supports and doesn’t refute that statement is enough to bother me. Read from Nickel and Dimed if you’d like more firsthand insight.

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