Best wife…ever.

My birthday isn’t until August 10th, but Sarah gave me an early birthday present today (because she couldn’t get it installed after she starts school next week). It was digital cable and a DVR (on the bottom of my entertainment equipment stack) from Time Warner. I got it hooked up and now we’re enjoying TONS of stations, movies on demand, and pausing/recording, etc., all using S-Video and digital audio. Oh so nice! It’s setup to record all the episodes of I Love the 90s, King of Queens and The Simpsons. I think it can record ~40-50 hours…at that rate it’s going to fill up fast. Now all I have to worry about is making sure I don’t waste too much time on useless tv. Good thing I can work wirelessly on my web site while it’s on. I’m very excited about boxing that’s on tonight. And almost more excited that I can watch it whenever.

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  1. Bitsas says:

    Just think 40 hours of Chips episodes. Poncherello here we come!

  2. sarah says:

    I do agree, naturally, that I’m the best wife ever. And I’m the first Journal-Comment Post, as well. Word.

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