Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday
Overall Rating: 4.5
Experience Date:Can’t remember

Nutrition information on every item, reasonable prices
Service sometimes slow

I’m posting this review while I’m still in a really good mood about Ruby Tuesday. We went tonight (7/20/2004) and realized that their new menu makes it much much easier for us to eat out and be on the South Beach Diet. The fact that they give calories, fat, “net” carbs and fiber for every menu item is awesome. I hope that they set an example for other restaurants. Can you imagine how much better America would eat if they knew what they were eating? I know a ton of people don’t care, but a ton just don’t know either. Anyway, Ruby Tuesday has a several menu items that are allowed on the diet. Eating here made me cautiously optimistic that restaurants might come around a little bit.
Ruby Tuesday web site

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  1. sarah says:

    My Mom read somewhere, that the “low-carb fad” is fading. She said to go buy some Krispy Kreme stock. I hope it is fading, so that the market will be less saturated with fake low carb stuff. Like “carb-control brownies” and “carb-smart pasta”??? If only the GLYCEMIC INDEX were listed on their menu. Maybe that’s next?

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