Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8000 DVR

Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8000 DVR
Overall Rating: 1.5
Experience Date:Jul 23, 2004

It’s a DVR, dual tuners, firewire, s-video and coax digital audio outs
Unreliable, slow tuning, poor web support, needs more features.

Sarah got me Digital Cable/DVR for my birthday this year. Digital cable is truly a revolutionary technology (which I will save for another review), but I have to compare this DVR to the other DVRs out there, even though having it enhances my life more than the usual product with a 1.5 rating does. In other words, it’s cool and all (and my only choice as far as I know with Time Warner), but if you’re deciding on a DVR and can get a different one, do it. It’s been out long enough to have these bugs worked out. Any DVR out there is going to have firewire and the digital outputs probably. Now the bad. The menus and channel surfing are slow. No more flipping through the channels quickly. This problem is made worse by the fact that there are so many more stations with digital cable. It could take quite a while to flip through all the stations. There is poor web support (on Time Warner’s and Scientific Atlanta’s sites) for this product. The remote I have doesn’t have a user’s guide up yet. Some fine tuning could be done on the filtering down through available shows, and they definitely need to add a feature (that my DSS receiver had) where I can remove stations we don’t subscribe to from the guide. WORST OF ALL, is the unreliability of the unit. It crashes (hasn’t happened to me, but read some online about it, and talk to Sarah’s parents) and gets confused. Tonight it said it was recording I Love the 80’s, but it thought it was on channel 33 (ESPN) and wouldn’t stop recording or let us see ESPN.

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