Overall Rating: 4
Experience Date:Can’t remember

Good coffee and drinks, great atmosphere, jumping on board with the health fads, wireless internet access
They have world domination in mind, expensive

You know, I really don’t mind the fact that Starbucks has taken away some of the uniqueness of each coffee shop experience. I like the reliability that their standardization gives me. There are still coffee shops I know I can go to if I want to feel their personality. The drinks are always the same and always good. I’ve never felt like I was being pushed out of a Starbucks (not by their employees at least), and I like that…I feel like I could sit for hours and read or talk or whatever. They now have wireless internet access in almost all of them (granted, I think you should get a certain time for free after forking out $4 for a drink). They also have recently jumped on the low carb fad dieting wagon by offering light versions of their popular drinks. They’re pretty decent actually. I do know something though…that’s that you can’t take capitalism to the extreme (like they appear to be doing) without eventually hurting lots of less fortunate people. I don’t know how that will pan out, but I’m wary of it. The only other downside is that their drinks are priced a little above my flinch point.

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