Acura TL – 2004

Acura TL – 2004
Overall Rating: 4.5
Experience Date:Aug 03, 2004

Filled with technology, well-powered, excellent seats, fun steering
The power seems muted

I have two good friends with these, and they love them. I enjoyed the drive I took in one. First, the performance. The ride is very gentle and very very quiet, but somehow Acura has minimalized body roll and made the driver feel very in touch with the road. It’s similar to driving a BMW. The power and acceleration are there in this car, but they seem muted. It doesn’t jump when you push the gas like my Maxima does. The seats hug around your back, rather than just support the back of you, and I like that a lot. The car is filled with technology. Of course that’s one of my favorite parts. Full integration with bluetooth phones, including callerID, voice dialing, battery charge indicator, etc. All without wires (although it will run down your phone’s battery quickly). You can push a button and tell it the number to call and it will turn down the radio, call the number and let you talk. Again, all without wires to your cell phone. Awesome. Also supports XM (comes with a free trail subscription to get you hooked). And, of course, the nav system. When you purchase the nav system, you get a lot of integration into the rest of the car with that. For example, the voice commands then work with the climate control system. I sat in Gray’s car (the driver side) and said something similar to “passenger temperature warmest” and “driver temperature coldest”. Within a few seconds he was sweating and I was freezing and we had thunder and a storm developing between us. Not really, but it did really make his side hot and mine warm. The nav system talks to you and you can talk to it. Saying things like “find nearest Italian restaurant” will yield the nearest restaurants of that type (although sometimes the database is lacking). I can only assume, in a car of this level of technology integration, one could then say, “call” and it would call the restaurant for you so you could make dinner arrangements. I haven’t gotten to test that yet. I like all the technology and the ride/drive of this car.

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  1. Bitsas says:

    An excellent characterization of a perfect car.

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